Don’t Diet; Choose A Way Of Life

Chef Salad turkey veggiesWhen a healthy-living expert recommends that you go on a diet, you have to question her way of thinking. A “diet” in modern parlance refers to a short-term eating plan that is designed to help a person lose a lot of weight quickly. One’s “diet,” however, should be something she can maintain long-term. Here is why you should only select the latter sort of eating plan.

Diets Don’t Work

A fad diet is usually one which involves the latest trendy food, herb, or spice and possibly an accompanying product. Granola bars, protein shakes, and pre-packaged meals might be sold in participating stores to go with the program. Your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight in a given period of time: perhaps a week, a month, or three months. After the diet is over and normal eating is resumed, the dieter puts on the weight she lost and usually a little more.

Here is what you will lose first; water. Many diets, at first, are like cleansing regimens. They force out toxins as you are encouraged to drink more fluids. These fluids might taste good, but they aren’t doing much for your body and little fast is lost. You could lose ten pounds on a liquid-only plan, but expect that to be a short-term sort of loss and to be tired much of the time. A body sheds water and muscle during this time.

Okay, so the toxins are gone, and your system doesn’t feel as sluggish after about a week. In two weeks, though, you will notice the need for more protein, something to chew on, and a meal with substance. That’s about when the program suggests you upgrade to one of their meal replacement products. These are frequently loaded with preservatives, sugar, and sodium. Any sort of pre-packaged meal or meal replacement is a bad idea in the long run. As a stop-gap in a busy day it isn’t so bad to grab a granola bar, but not if that’s your daily go-to for breakfast. There isn’t usually enough nutrition in one of those. Shakes don’t stick to the sides and a drop in blood sugar could lead to panic-eating. Frozen, low-cal meals contain sugar and salt in place of fat and authentic flavor.

A Way of Life

Selecting a long-term route takes work; it’s not an easy fix for the way you are currently running the kitchen. First of all, go through those cupboards and get rid of stuff that calls to you in the middle of the night. Do you crave it less if it’s not accessible? Good; cravings will diminish over time if you apply willpower to the process. Rid yourself of processed cereal and pasta; canned foods full of sugar; and garbage of all kinds.

Restock shelves, this time with better stuff. A good rule is to buy whole foods and avoid anything processed. Don’t buy into the belief that fat-free, wheat-free, alternative sugars, or non-dairy replacements are okay. If food is processed, the body does not deal with it as efficiently or as effectively as it does with fruits, vegetables, and fish. Create a plan for life, not to fit a dress.