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Paleo Grubs CookbookWhat if you were only allowed to own one cookbook and had to throw out every other recipe book in your home or on your Kindle? That sounds like a cruel sort of punishment, but bear with me. According to the author of Paleo Grubs, this is the only cookbook you will ever need. No, you will not learn how to cook and eat grubs, although they are apparently very nutritious. What you will learn, however, is the key to creating a weekly meal plan that is not boring, fits with what some call the “caveman” diet, and will help you achieve your wellness goals. Who needs a second or third book when so many nutritious and tasty foods are already between the covers of a single text?

What is this particular cookbook?

Cookbooks can be downloaded just as every other sort of book can be downloaded onto your handheld device or laptop. The Paleo Grubs collection of recipes is an e-book filled with 470 recipes. Each of them shares a number of features in common. They are all simple to prepare, meaning they do not require lots of time in the kitchen, cooking expertise, or numerous special gadgets, tools, or exotic ingredients. Each of the recipes is healthy. Even though some are desserts and others are main course meals, they all possess something your body needs and wants for good health and the enjoyment of good food. All of the recipes in this book are approved for this specific diet and by a certified nutritionist.

The Paleo Diet

Before there were grocery stores and food made from ingredients invented in a laboratory, human beings supposedly ate a diet rich in meat, fish, and plants. They consumed loads of nuts, fish, chicken, leafy greens, and berries, etc. but not grains. Excluded foods which one finds commonly in the western diet include cakes, peanuts, rice, wheat, and anything that could last non-refrigerated in a time capsule for more than a generation.Add Ingredients to Dressing-2

This way of eating is touted by many consumers and dietitians for its abundance of easily digested carbohydrates and high levels of protein. If you feel this is the best diet for westerners to adopt, then you will be glad to note the absence of pasta, bread, and other high-carb foods associated with gastric disorders and a flabby metabolism.

A Little More about this Type of Diet

This is not a dieting book but a blueprint to a new way of cooking and eating. Essentially, every “diet” should be a daily way of eating anyway, not a short-term method for losing 10 pounds which one could not be expected to maintain long term. Those are recipes for disaster anyway.

One advantage of a book like Paleo Grubs is that there are too many possibilities for one to become bored with cooking and eating. Imagine: almost 500 recipes in a single collection. That is a pretty substantial number, even once you divide them between meals and courses: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, and drinks. I’m not just talking about water either but significant drinks which are potentially meals in their own right or at least suitable for post-workout recovery.

What I also like about this book right off the bat is the meal plan and shopping lists which help a reader prepare for the entire week while feeding the family all of the nutrients they need for good health. This is good food for everyone at any age. Such a cookbook removes a lot of stress from a person’s weekly schedule but also yields other benefits of much greater significance. Anyone who is already trying to cut grains and processed food has the shopping plan right in front of him; he doesn’t have to think about what he should or should not eat. Eventually, such shopping habits will become ingrained and natural.

Claims of the Paleo Diet

Paleo Grubs Cookbook - Video screenshotProponents of this way of eating believe that consumers will achieve several things. Their levels of stress will be reduced as they begin to feel healthier and experience greater emotional stability. Lower stress means there is less cortisol in your blood, and too much cortisol is associated with gaining fat around your middle area.

As moods level out, energy increases; and better energy improves moods in a happy cycle anyone with depression or anxiety will appreciate. Both as a result of higher energy and simply eating better, participants who are overweight are certain to lose weight while eating a Paleo friendly menu every day. Whether you agree with this eating plan or even believe early people never ate grains, one cannot argue with the results seen in numerous consumers who adopted these eating habits. It’s suitable for so many individuals who are frustrated by the carb- and gluten-heavy, dairy-laden foods which a lot of cookbooks are filled with. If you suffer intolerance or allergies to such foods, this can be highly frustrating.

Special Recipes for GI Problems

A separate book is also supplied with the original in order to satisfy the needs of individuals who cannot tolerate certain foods like eggs, nuts, or “nightshades” as they call them on the website. These are all plants from the nightshade family that include tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, plus attractive but deadly flowering weeds. Many consumers are allergic to these foods but a Paleo diet could be the answer to their gastric difficulties. You might suffer from intolerance, Crohn’s, diverticulitis, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Some findings related to this diet are not rocket science. Everyone knows that processed foods like chips, instant meals heavy with sodium, and preserved cakes or cookies are not good for a person.

Some Examples from the Paleo Grubs Cookbook

Paleo Grubs Cookbook - Sample RecipesWhat sorts of recipes can one expect to find in a recipe book promoting Paleo-style eating? They look mighty tasty. You will learn to make Kale and Strawberry Salad, Pulled Pork Tacos, Jalapeno Lime Chicken Wings, and Low-Carb Burgers. Try a Pumpkin Spice Shake or Almond Butter Cups. Something that jumps out at me as I read these names is that there is tremendous variety.

Readers could cook meals for large, special family gatherings or small, romantic meals; for parties, picnics, or children’s birthday parties. Every event is covered and no one would ever guess you were cooking from a special “healthy” set of recipes. It’s all delicious food for real people.

A second highlight is the seasonal selection. Use what is in the garden four seasons of the year in your part of the country whether you are growing strawberries or pumpkins; limes or kale. It also became clear that the menu favors protein over carbs and that peanuts are generally replaced by real nuts since peanuts are actually legumes. Recipes are colorfully and clearly presented with a picture on each virtual page. You will not find refined sugars, grains, dairy, or legumes on any of these pages.

There are Many Reviews of this Cookbook

Numerous customers have already written their reviews of the Paleo Grubs Cookbook which has sold many copies and satisfied more than 300,000 customers. Reviews reveal why people like the recipes in here and an essential element of its success is how easy the recipes are to make. A lot of books turn cooking into an arduous, costly, and complicated affair which leaves many readers feeling inadequate. Even if they see benefits to trying complicated, healthy recipes, they abandon the task because they do not have time, feel discouraged, or both. Sticking with this book will not be a hardship and there is something different to eat every day of the week for weeks at a time before you will want or need to start the cycle again.

Pricey Book

Paleo Grubs Cookbook - BONUSESFor an e-book this isn’t cheap: $37 per copy. This is supposedly a special offer, but such a claim is an obvious gimmick. Consumers see the original price slashed through and think they got a deal. Really, anything more than $37 would be highway robbery when there is no paper, ink, or binding involved in the delivery of more than 450 recipes to the happy chef and even happier eater – even though there are a number of bonuses included in this price.

Popular Pages

On the other hand, this is a trusted text. It was voted as the Web’s bestselling cookbook in 2015. If you do not like it and can’t see results, there is a money-back guarantee and no one will argue your position. Your PayPal account or credit card will be refunded.

Good Website

The writers of this meal plan and recipe book adopted the long-page web format which, instead of dividing information into several pages, plants it all on one long scrolling page. If you find this irritating, note that there are some very good examples of this form of advertising and web design. The Paleo Grubs page is among the best of these. Content is more professional and there isn’t a personal face to the page; someone who seems to be promoting his or her own fame instead of a way of eating. When hype is less, you can trust a book more. Overall, I am attracted to the professional presentation of this web book and to the appeal of recipes which were developed for real people who enjoy some comfort foods but also a little something to spice up their three meals each day.

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